Testing and Balancing of Hydronic Systems:

This is the regulating of design airflow and hydronic volumes to achieve the proper flow rates, and ventilation for each designated area/room through the project scope.

ASHRAE 110 Fume Hood Certification:

Just after the fume hood is installed and prior to its first use, the hood must be set up with the proper face velocity and airflow rate, so that it can effectively exhaust any fumes when in use.  Once this step is completed, the ASHRAE 110 certification tests can be performed.

HVAC Survey’s:

This is work that provides a baseline measurement of the system and pieces of existing equipment for a specific building. Also, this provides an opportunity to trouble shoot any issues with this existing equipment.

Isolation Room Certification:

This involves the testing and regulation of airflow in an isolation room, to make sure that the room has the proper air change rates, and also pressurization.

Ductwork and Unit Casing Leakage Testing:

The unit or ductwork has an allowable leakage rate when this testing is required, and this is based off a specific system pressure. The unit/duct involved is blown up to the specified “test pressure” and is then tested for the leakage rate. The unit must be below the specified leakage rate (cfm) in order to pass.

Commissioning Services

This is the verification of flows and proper set up of equipment to make sure the customer’s needs and wishes are satisfied. Commissioning is when a specified percentage of the jobs equipment and systems are verified by checking the accuracy and consistency of airflow rates, unit operations, hydronic flows, and other aspects of the balancing and HVAC systems.